Your successful build starts here

The benefits of working with M.J. Dean Construction, Inc. are apparent long before ground is broken on your project. We understand your needs and our team has the expertise, experience, flexibility and resourcefulness to meet your construction requirements in a time- and cost-effective manner.

We’ve prepared comprehensive build plans for some of the world’s largest mega-resorts, so we understand the entire process and know a successful build depends on successful planning.

The Process:

  1. Define and establish responsibilities, communications and administration procedures for the team
  2. Develop a master schedule
  3. Consultation with the owners and architects on a regular basis for design phase on time, technique, materials, and budget
  4. Establish budget
  5. Conduct cost strategy sessions – value engineering
  6. Analyze long lead items, pre-bidding/pre-purchase
  7. Contact, establish, and maintain contact with local governmental Agencies and utility companies to coordinate their requests into the project
  8. Develop final construction budget and production schedule

In order to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained on your project, M.J. Dean holds sub-trade licenses and self-performs crucial elements of each project, including concrete, drywall, paint, wall covering and finishes. We also build EIFS, install fireproofing, and install doors and hardware. Our consistency of performance and quality, and our attention to detail and safety ensure your satisfaction.