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Durango Station

Where urban sophistication meets contemporary living at its finest. Set in the vibrant cityscape, our community exudes modern design and convenience. Discover a unique blend of upscale amenities and thoughtful features that create an unparalleled lifestyle for residents.

Durango Station

Remarkable Foundations

We proudly present our remarkable achievement, Durango Station, a hotel and casino project located in the vibrant Rhodes Ranch community of the Las Vegas Valley. This visionary development embodies the spirit of entertainment and hospitality, offering an unparalleled experience for visitors and residents alike. Durango Station, spanning a sprawling area along Durango Drive, adjacent to the Las Vegas Beltway, is a testament to our expertise in constructing grand and captivating destinations. The project's scale and complexity have required meticulous planning and skilled execution, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and design. As a leading construction company, we have successfully built an impressive 83,178 sq ft (7,727.5 m2) casino and a 15-story tower boasting 211 well-appointed rooms. Durango Station stands tall as an exquisite hotel-casino, offering an array of entertainment options, elegant accommodations, and numerous culinary delights at its finest restaurants.


Las Vegas, NV


Red Rock Resorts / WARB

Date of Completion



Concrete Contractor


Durango Station
Durango Station construction


Beyond Ordinary Blueprints

As the concrete contractor for the illustrious Durango Station project, our role was integral to the construction process, ensuring the creation of a solid and enduring foundation for this remarkable hotel and casino complex. The building process for Durango Station was characterized by precision, expertise, and unwavering dedication as the concrete contractor. Our role in shaping the foundation of this iconic hotel and casino complex is a testament to our commitment to construction excellence, contributing to the realization of this destination of entertainment and hospitality in the Las Vegas Valley.



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