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Marriott’s Grand Chateau

Discover our exceptional involvement in the construction of the Marriott Grand Chateau, a luxurious resort that combines elegance, sophistication, and world-class hospitality, setting a new standard in Las Vegas hospitality.

Marriott’s Grand Chateau

Architectural Marvel

The Marriott’s Grand Chateau is a multi-phase project consisting of four 38-story, cast-in-place concrete towers, enclosed in EIFS and glass and supported by drilled caisson foundations. Each tower will contain 224 timeshare villas, which range from one to three bedrooms in size. Designed by MBA Reno Architecture and Interior Design, the theme is meant to evoke the casual elegance reminiscent of the Old Work mansions in southern France. Phase 1 has 540,000 sq. ft. and features an elegant lobby adorned with tapestries, art work, stone flooring and a water fountain; a three level parking garage with full-time valet services and a pool/spa and bar on the 38th floor, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. The 370 ft. tower is serviced by four high-speed elevators and one maintenance elevator, and is cooled by two 550 ton chillers. The building required 22,500 cu. yds. of concrete and 2,500 tons of reinforcing steel. Phase 2 has 485,000 sq. ft. and features a three-level parking garage with full-time valet services and a 44,000 sq. ft. Sales Center on the 36th and 37th floors. Phase 2 added two additional high-speed elevators and one additional maintenance elevator for the 370 ft. towers. This phase required 17,800 cu. yds. of concrete and 1,600 tons of reinforcing steel. M.J. Dean was the general contractor and also self performed all concrete work, metal stud framing, drywall, and painting.


Las Vegas, NV


Hard Carbon, LLC

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Marriott’s Grand Chateau
Marriott’s Grand Chateau


Soaring with Superior Engineering

As the general contractor for the Marriott Grand Chateau, we undertook a comprehensive and meticulous building process to bring this prestigious resort to life. From initial planning and design coordination to the execution of construction tasks, our expert team ensured the successful realization of this luxurious destination. We crafted the elegant architecture, carefully integrated state-of-the-art amenities, and meticulously managed every aspect of the project to create a world-class resort that offers unparalleled comfort and sophistication to its guests. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and efficient project management shines through in the Marriott Grand Chateau, making it a shining example of our dedication to delivering exceptional hospitality spaces.



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