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Pearl Concert Venue The Palms

Explore our remarkable involvement in creating the Pearl Concert Venue at The Palms, a cutting-edge entertainment space that has set the stage for unforgettable live performances and events in Las Vegas.

Pearl Concert Venue The Palms

Creating Tomorrow Today

The Pearl concert hall, located inside the Palms Casino Resort, was designed by Pfeiffer Partners with KGA Architects. This project features a 2,500-person capacity venue, consisting of a three-tier, crescent-shaped cast-in-place concrete theater, with the main stage 4 ft. from the floor, flanked by two 14ft.-by-16ft. video screens. The farthest seats are less than 120 ft. from center stage for an up-close and personal experience. The Pearl boasts 18 private and semi-private skyboxes with bars, lounges and restrooms, along with state-of-the-art lighting. It also features nine public bars, two VIP lounges, dressing rooms and backstage areas. The Pearl is wired with 60 powerful JBL Vertec loudspeakers, and is connected to an adjacent recording studio that allows artists to create live albums without additional set-up. The 58 ft. tall venue, located right off the Palms’ main floor, was created by incorporating space from the casino’s movie theaters. M.J. Dean was the general contractor and also self performed all concrete work, metal stud framing, drywall, and painting.


Las Vegas, NV


Fiesta Palms, LLC

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Palms Pearl Venue
Palms Pearl Venue


Turning Dreams into Reality

As the lead construction company for the Pearl Concert Venue at The Palms, M.J. Dean orchestrated a dynamic and intricate building process, ensuring the realization of this exceptional entertainment space. From meticulous planning and seamless coordination with architects and specialized teams to the precise execution of construction tasks, we brought to life a cutting-edge venue that surpassed all expectations. Our skilled team integrated state-of-the-art acoustics, captivating lighting, and comfortable seating, creating an immersive environment that delivers an unparalleled live performance experience for both artists and audiences. The result is a world-class concert venue that magnetizes renowned artists, cementing The Palms' reputation as a premier entertainment resort in Las Vegas.



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