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Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Renovation

Take a journey through the dynamic renovation process that has revitalized Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, creating an unrivaled destination for visitors from around the world.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Renovation

Redefining Possibilities

The Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Renovation was a momentous endeavor that aimed to rejuvenate and modernize this iconic Las Vegas destination. Situated at the vibrant center of the renowned Las Vegas Strip, the resort required a comprehensive transformation to exceed the ever-evolving expectations of discerning travelers and casino enthusiasts. The exterior makeover of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino was a sight to behold. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously refurbished the facade, embracing a contemporary design that seamlessly integrates with the dynamic energy of the Strip. New lighting elements, captivating signage, and innovative landscaping all contributed to an awe-inspiring entrance that beckons visitors to explore the world within. Upon the completion of this transformative endeavor, the renovated Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has emerged as a vibrant gem on the Las Vegas Strip. Its enhanced allure and revitalized offerings have solidified its position as a must-visit destination for travelers seeking the ultimate entertainment and hospitality experience.


Las Vegas, NV


OpBiz, LLC

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General Contractor


Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood exterior


Beyond the Ordinary

We are proud to showcase our involvement as the general contractor in the impressive build process of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. This iconic project on the Las Vegas Strip presented a unique opportunity for us to showcase our expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence. The resort's foundation was a critical aspect of the build. Our skilled team executed precise foundation work, including footings and structural elements, to provide a stable base for the entire complex. The build process followed a well-coordinated sequence of construction phases. From the structural framework to the interior finishing touches, we managed each phase efficiently to stay on schedule and deliver a top-quality result. As a modern resort, Planet Hollywood demanded state-of-the-art technology integration. We skillfully incorporated advanced systems for entertainment, security, and energy efficiency, enhancing the guest experience while ensuring sustainable practices.



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