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Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower

Explore our exceptional contribution to the iconic Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower, a towering landmark that showcases our expertise in crafting an unparalleled hospitality experience, blending stunning views, entertainment, and luxurious accommodations.

Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower

Elevating Skyline

M.J. Dean undertook the completion of the top 8 floors of the Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower, a project focused on providing a comprehensive structural concrete package. Our expert team skillfully crafted the final stages of this iconic tower, seamlessly integrating structural components to bring the vision to fruition. The project aimed to finalize the top floors of the partially finished hotel tower, enhancing the tower's capacity and functionality. With a meticulous approach, the completion of this structural concrete package solidified the tower's integrity and contributed to the tower's distinctive skyline presence. M.J. Dean's commitment to excellence in construction played a pivotal role in completing this monumental project, elevating the Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower's stature as an iconic landmark in the bustling heart of Las Vegas.


Las Vegas, NV


Icahn Enterprises

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Stratosphere Hotel Casino
Stratosphere Hotel Casino


Forging Sky-High Excellence

As the general contractor responsible for the structural concrete package to complete the top 8 floors of the partially finished Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower, M.J. Dean orchestrated a meticulous and intricate building process. Our experienced team collaborated closely with engineers, architects, and specialized trades to seamlessly integrate the structural components. This involved careful coordination, precise concrete placement, reinforcement installation, and quality control to ensure the tower's stability and longevity. The completion of the top floors not only enhanced the tower's capacity but also contributed to the tower's iconic skyline presence. M.J. Dean's commitment to precision and expertise ensured the successful realization of this significant project, solidifying the Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower's status as a symbol of Las Vegas' skyline.



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