Circus-Circus Roller Coaster Replacement

iscover our significant contribution to the Circus-Circus Roller Coaster Replacement project, where our expertise brought thrilling new heights to this iconic Las Vegas attraction, combining innovation and safety for an exhilarating guest experience.

Circus-Circus Roller Coaster Replacement

Elevating Thrills and Excitement

M.J. Dean undertook the Circus-Circus Roller Coaster Replacement project, a significant endeavor aimed at revitalizing this iconic Las Vegas attraction. Our expert team skillfully constructed a cutting-edge roller coaster, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and safety measures. The replacement was driven by a commitment to provide guests with an exhilarating and safe ride experience while rejuvenating the amusement offerings at Circus-Circus. This project demonstrates our dedication to enhancing visitor enjoyment and ensuring their safety, all while adding a thrilling new dimension to the renowned resort's entertainment portfolio.


Las Vegas, NV


MGM Resorts International

Date of Completion



General Contractor


Roller Coaster at the Adventure Dome


Crafting Thrilling Heights

As the general contractor for the Circus-Circus Roller Coaster Replacement project, M.J. Dean orchestrated a comprehensive building process that brought this exhilarating attraction to life. Our experienced team collaborated closely with architects, engineers, and specialized trades to ensure the seamless integration of cutting-edge roller coaster technology and safety measures. From the initial site preparation to the intricate construction of the coaster's tracks and supports, every step was executed with precision. The building process required meticulous planning, coordination, and quality control to ensure rider safety and an exhilarating experience. M.J. Dean's commitment to excellence in construction ensured the successful realization of the Circus-Circus Roller Coaster Replacement, providing visitors with a thrilling and memorable ride that elevates the entertainment offerings of this iconic Las Vegas destination.



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