LINQ Zipline

In the heart of the vibrant Las Vegas Strip, our skilled team is working diligently to bring this thrilling attraction to life. Get ready to soar above the iconic cityscape, as we harness innovation, safety, and excitement to create an unforgettable ziplining experience for visitors from around the world. Step into the world of construction magic as we build the LINQ Zipline and pave the way for an adrenaline-fueled journey above the lights of Las Vegas!

LINQ Zipline

Inspiring Possibilities

At 12 stories above The LINQ Promenade, Fly LINQ is the Strip’s only zipline experience. Ten parallel ziplines, which can launch independently or simultaneously, can zip guests along a 1,123 foot-long path from the Las Vegas Strip end all the way to the High Roller end. This adrenaline attraction was developed for Caesars Entertainment and completed in 6 months time. The launch tower is 132′ tall was built over parts of the Linq Resort and Flamingo Hotel. The landing tower sits 71′ tall and covers part of the Las Vegas Monorail. Additional elements of the project include 18,000 square feet of concrete, 9,000 square feet of overhead protection and barricade walls, structural steel retrofit, existing column modifications, and 12 pile caissons at 3′ wide and 70′ deep. M.J. Dean was the general contractor and also self performed all concrete work.


Las Vegas, NV


X Venture LV

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Fly Linq Zipline
Fly Linq


Reaching New Heights of Adventure

As the general contractor of the LINQ Zipline project, we took on the responsibility of overseeing and managing every aspect of the construction process. Our team embraced the challenge of bringing this thrilling attraction to life, ensuring precision, safety, and excellence from start to finish. As a dedicated general contractor, we are honored to have been part of the team that brought the LINQ Zipline to life, raising the bar of engineering and delivering an exceptional adventure to all who dare to take flight.



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